A. Camara Continued

In the first semester of my  freshman year of high school my grades were around a B average and one or two classes at a C. This gradually changed after I started attending Future Giants workshops during my second semester of freshman year. This growth continued to the first semester of my Sophomore year and resulted in an A average and is continuing to grow into my second semester of my Sophomore year.  I have learned to study a week ahead of tests and to review classwork every week and to manage my time effectively and efficiently. I have learned to analyze different types of data to find flaws. Future Giants workshops has helped me grow in the way I perceive myself through the close relationships I have created with fellow participants and the life changing advice.  I have been enlightened with the practice of waking up every morning and giving myself a compliment, of smiling and walking with my head up, in giving others meaningful compliments throughout the day, and having an outward positive attitude.