Our mission

Our mission is to educate, encourage and empower young people while they are in their teenage and early adult stages of life. The Future Giants Organization was created to help stop the increasing high school drop out rate, high teenage pregnancy rate, increase in HIV rates amongst inner city youth and to help increase the college acceptance and graduation rates. We accomplish this through a series of mentoring, tutoring and life skills workshops.  

Future Giants was founded in early 2000 because of a need for academic guidance and after school outlets for young people.  In 2004, created a program to provide direct services to schools. These services are proivded during the school day and through after school programs and workshops. 

During this period the organization achieved a 99% percent on time graduation rate for it's members (NYC rates are less than 60%) and a 100% college acceptance rate.

This year in an effort to educate, encourage and empower even more students, the Future Giants Organization will conduct Educational, Career, Health, Professionalism workshops . We conduct our programs in the most underperforming High Schools in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.  In addition, we specialize in creating subtantive programs to those children at the higher academic range living in our communities. 

This year we are providing support to 4 High Schools and help sponsor DreamChasersNYC, a great academic resource for seventh grade students. (www.dreamchasersnyc.com) 

 Finally, we will endeavor to meet our goal of giving away $50,000 in college scholar and open up a multi use facility that provides social, academic and emotional support for young people. This facility will also place City, State, Federal and Non Profit resources in a central location.