Mrs. Byrd Continued

The vision that Future Giants has for our youth is one that I share . From the first meeting we had, (because of his ambition) I willingly provide any resources that I had personally created to because I knew that they were going to utilize it to help other students that weren't in my school. That is called teamwork. We both share the notion that if we help each other out by sharing resources we can reach more students. This organization has helped many students succeed. In the first year that I worked with the Future Giants Organization, we gained 100% college acceptance. That was unheard of at Mott Hall High School (that was also my first year as a School Counselor). Students still reach out to them, after they have graduate from high school to seek guidance. RD Snyden is a founder who is hands-on with everything offered to students (how many organizations are known for this?). He has empowered, guided and mentored not only the students he works with but me as well. This is the kind of organization that should be utilized in every school.